Entrepreneurial Success Consortium


Pre-Register NOW for the ESC GRANT PROGRAM Arriving July 2022

Entrepreneurial Success Consortium Grant Program

Come join the Entrepreneurial Success Consortium (ESC), a community of business leaders and business owners who believe in the power of small business to grow the economy for the benefit of everyone.

The ESC is for businesses who have some success but are still trying to get “over the hump” and become sustainable. If all you need to take your business to the next level is some guidance and a road map of where to go next, the ESC is for you.

The ESC has assembled a team of dedicated experts and specialists in business growth who are ready to invest their resources and expertise in you and your business. Come be a part of it.

Enlist your interest in the ESC grant now to be the 1st to know when registration for the ECS grant begins!

Looking forward to seeing you in the Entrepreneurial Success Consortium!

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