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What Do YOU Need to Succeed?

Facebook Community:

Entrepreneurial Success Consortium (ESC), a community of business leaders and business owners who believe in the power of small business to grow the economy for the benefit of everyone.

ESC is for businesses who have some success, but are still trying to get “over the hump” and become sustainable. If all you need to take your business to the next level is some guidance and a road map of where to go next, the ESC is for you.

The ESC has assembled a team of dedicated experts and specialists in business growth who are ready to invest their resources and expertise in you and your business. Come be a part of it!

In our Facebook Community, you can expect on-going valuable content to help your business grow.

Monthly Events:

1. Accountability Power Hour:

Do you feel like the days are flying by and all you do is put out fires instead of focusing on growing your business? Join our Accountability Power Hour to help you form a plan, get the resources you need, and release the judgment so your business can start working for you.

2. Business Hot Seat

Bring a challenge you are facing in your business for a chance in the Business Hot Seat! After some strategic networking, we will come together as a community to problem solve, collaborate, and find solutions, partners, and clients for you and your business.

We currently have two monthly events sponsored by The YOU Brand, and many more from our amazing partners. For a full list of upcoming events, check out the "Events" tab.


The hallmark of The YOU Brand is our innovative and effective 1:1 laser-focused Speed Business Coaching!

Meet with one of our expert coaches in the areas of infrastructure, marketing, management, finance, and credit. Each appointment lasts for only 20-minutes and are designed to stay focused and get to the root of business issues quickly.

Is 20 minutes really enough?

The answer is - Absolutely!

Keith Webb, author of The Coach Model, says on his website, "there's not much benefit to a longer versus a shorter time" when it comes to coaching calls. We've found that 20-minutes is the perfect amount of time, eliminates the chit-chat and, as Mr. Webb also says, "allows the coachee (to gain) new insights that enable (them) to move forward."

Bottom line, with only 20-minutes both you and your coach will be more focused and more productive.

Using the business building blocks in the iDo Systems Pillar 5 program, our coaches who have achieved success in their own businesses will help guide you through the building block that is holding you back.

Pillar 5 Dashboard:

Build a solid foundation and plan for your business.

Understanding how to do this is a challenge for many business owners. But, what if developing your business is as simple as following a GPS with no guesswork, uncertainty, or failure required?

Pillar Five takes the guess work out of growing and scaling a business sustainably. The business owner can now focus on what they need to do at the right time to grow their business, rather than wasting time, trying to figure what to do next.

Wellness Education:

As a business owner, there may be times where the lines between your personal life and your business life are nearly non-existent. This is no surprise because your business is such a big part of your life. But keep in mind, you still need to focus on YOU.

Your personal development is as important to the success of your business as your product/service, marketing, sales, or other elements of business development.

You Define Wellness LEARN IT

The first step in manifesting change is education... you must LEARN new concepts, strategies, thoughts and options in wellbeing.

Giving Back Campaign:

Community is the core component of your personal life and your business. It consists of clients, employees, partnerships, and all the lives you have the power to touch. When you focus on community development, you gain a better understanding of the market and you build some amazing relationships.

Imagine combining your heart to serve with an intentional process built into your business to ensure that as you succeed, so do those around you. The result is nothing short of life changing.

Always strive to create Win-Win-Win outcomes. By participating in any of our programs, you are taking part in supporting our local communities, through the 10% give back pledge through 100 Million Strong.

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